We take complex conceptual ideas and evolve them into easily understood animated visuals.


Capture your target audiences’ attention with dynamic content that extends your marketing message.


Reach the masses. Promote your brand with compelling content visible across all channels: web, TV, display, or mobile…

Tell Your Story

With Motion

Michael Mullen design  creates engaging content for brands, ad agencies and broadcast clients. Whether it’s a concept that’s difficult to explain, a flow chart that seems boring, or a presentation that needs impact, each animation will be a clear dynamic message that connects emotionally with your audience while building your brand.

NESN Fuel Promo

Celebrating David Ortiz

NESN Fuel Vintage open with sponsor

NESN Red Sox Campaign 2016

NESN Red Sox Campaign 2017

The Big Picture

Everything Demo Reel

SoundLink Demo

Demo Product Loop

Conversica, This is Bob

Web Marketing Video

GBH: Market Warriors

Show Open with NMD

Big Max Demo

Live action with CG set

MSG: Fans Most Wanted

Sports Package with Daniel Paterna Design

Yes Network Bump

The Boston Globe: Bump

Bump for Web Content

ESPN: Baseball Tonight

Sports Package with Daniel Paterna Design

Cigna, Benefitting You

Marketing web video with Beth Story

Fidelity, The 50/15/5 Rule

Marketing Video for Web

CT Lottery: Whalers Scratch Game

Pearson: Blue Sky

Marketing Web Video

Talent Brew

Highlighting Talent Brews' Fab work

Pearson: Learning Together

Corporate Web Video

WHDH Channel 7 Boston

On-Air News Package

ESPN: Numbers Never* Lie

Sports Package With Daniel Paterna Design

Million Words
That’s the value of one minute of video
of video viewers watch more than ¾ of a video
of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video